Best Italian food around, delivery is quick, food is always hot when it gets to you, Sam recommended his favorite pasta dish and it was awesome!! Definitely gave 5 stars, I’d give more if I could!!

-Kathie B.

Definitely 5 Stars

Best Italian food in Grand Rapids.

-Alan G.

Best in Grand Rapids

Love the homemade Sangria. Pizza is fantastic. We go at least once a week.

-Sue H.

We Go Once a Week

I’m a little annoyed… Just ordered a sub and had my husband pick it up on his way home. I ordered pizza mushroom and cheese. (They repeated this exactly when he picked it up) Got home and there’s no pizza sauce on it. After nicely talking the worker said you guys would remake it since you messed up my order or do a 3.00 credit? It was 6.61 so I said I wanted the new one. She said it’ll be ready in a few minutes then we hung up. She calls right back and says can I just come get a cup of pizza sauce and I say no it’s okay I’ll just come get the sub, she said we can credit you 3.00 or you can come get pizza sauce) I said just credit me it. Am I wrong to be mad? It’s not my fault you guys didn’t put pizza sauce on it. It’s really not the same when I dip it in some pizza sauce. If I was almost anywhere else they would replace it right??

Forgot the Sauce

Great food, delivery guys are always good. Managers need to learn to read the delivery instructions though.
Fred’s doesn’t do online Credit Card processing, cash only unless they decide to call you like the directions say.
Fortunately for my poor driver, I had cash on hand this time.

Sean R.

Delivery is Great But Have Cash Available

Great service. The best pizza ever – been my favorite for 30+ years.

Mike G.

My Favorite for 30 Years

Great service….very friendly staff…..waited half an hour for food which isn’t horrible….only problem was the gluten free pizza was as hard as a rock. Toppings were good….they just might want to get a different gluten free crust.

Liz C.

Great Service – Fix the Gluten Free Crust

Best in town know the family well and gone here since before I could drive love yah Sam and family!

Oren L.

Best in Town

Best Italian food in the whole USA. And yes I can say that because I have been in 48 states this last year and traveled 210,000 miles. Every time we check into a room we ask for their best pizza.

-Barb S.

Best Italian in the US

Best stromboli ever if you have patience you will have food for 3 days, family owned and you can tell, never once have I had a bad experience have not found another pizza place in grand rapids that can compare to this place.

-Rodney T.

Best Stromboli Ever
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