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Fred’s Italian has its own Mobile App!  Add it to your home screen to keep up on the latest announcements and events, sign up for our  text club, and enjoy the convenience from your smartphone or mobile device. (Real time text alerts sent directly to your phone.) Simply text  “FREDS1963”  to  313131!
Please note: our Mobile App is web based.  This means that it will work on any device!  Also, the only thing you actually download to your phone is our App icon.  The software itself is hosted online, so you don’t have to worry about ANY downloads or updates.  Every time you click our icon, you get the most recent version.
Also, we don’t need access to your phone, your contacts, your location, your camera, or any other privacy-violating item.  Use our Mobile App knowing that we’re not going to get into your business.  At all.  (We’re pretty proud of that.)

Get App!